Learning Amidst Nature: Himalayan Roots for Children

Learning Amidst Nature: Himalayan Roots for Children

The Udaan Learning Center (ULC) at Sambhaavnaa Institute, Palampur has come up with a Students Immersive Learning Program called “Himalayan Roots” which gives an opportunity to students to engage in different outdoor as well as indoor activities, all while continuing their online studies. 

The pandemic led to an unprecedented impact on education, with students facing various problems related to depression, anxiety, stress due to poor internet connectivity, and an unfavorable study environment at home. The lockdown forced children to be sedentary most of the time of the day and hence stay indoors. Himalayan Roots is designed to help young students experience life on the foothills of Dhauladhar mountains in the creative learning center of Sambhaavnaa.


This is a 4 week-long program where children can continue doing their online education in the leisure of the earthen buildings of the campus. After their online classes, the children will have a plethora of activities to engage in. These include scavenger hunts, pine needlecraft, yoga, sports, and environment and bio-diversity awareness. Various topics like gender equality, waste generation, plastic pollution, etc are included in the program. Life skills like meditative clay work, organic kitchen gardening and tree plantation, mushroom foraging, mushroom cultivation, trekking, bird watching, and carpentry will also be taught. There will also be field visits to Tibetan monasteries in Bir and local farms in Dharamshala. The children will also learn teamwork, presentation skills, independent living, and to think critically and creatively among others. 

Program date: 4th October to 30th October, 2021

Camp price: ₹38,000/-

Age requirement: 12-17 years

Contact Details: Udaan Learning Center, Sambhaavnaa Institute, KBES, Palampur, HP-176061 

Phone number: (+91) 8679-475-925, 

Email: clc@sambhaavnaa.org

Website: www.childrenslearningcenter.co.in

For more information, you can check the program brochure here.

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