Hand-Made: Workshop on sustainable building at Khirsu

The Hand-Made initiative by Compartment S4 is a workshop series which focuses on implementing smart and sustainable design for rural projects and engages people of the community in order to create a sense of belonging.

This year, the Hand-Made workshop gives you the incredible opportunity to spend a part of the summer in the breathtakingly beautiful town of Khirsu (Uttarakhand).

Khirsu is a mesmerising hilltop town, located in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. This little known, lush green region is the perfect getaway destination for those willing to escape the humdrum of life and spend a few days in the lap of nature!

The focus of the workshop will be on designing elements with the help of locally available materials and local expertise. 

More about the Hand-Made project

In order to promote tourism and provide economy for the village, the Uttarakhand government is taking steps to promote homestays in the region. The homestay initiative in Khirsu is an attempt to build and provide accommodation and suitable functions along with it. 

The main idea is to build a homestay experience, which will be managed by local Self Help Groups (SHGs). This will enable the tourists to enjoy the beautiful town as well as generate income for the locals.

The gap between the local handicraft produced and the generation of economy is quite tangible in such regions. Bridging this gap is also one of the objectives of this workshop. 

Your role as a participant:

The participants will be engaged in a number of design exercises as well as hands-on building.

As a participant, you will be building a homestay by utilizing and experimenting with local materials and techniques as well as attribute a more sustainable approach to the pre- existing practices. 

You will explore the various possibilities of using available resources through alternative building techniques. 

The workshop also includes exploring the region in order to understand the lifestyle of people and local practices. 

Important details:

Duration: 3rd June to 15th June

Registration Deadline: 10th May, 2019.

For registration, email at handmade@compartments4.com or call to register at +91 9722276077 / +91 7506184837.

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