Western Himalayan Vikalp Sangam

Vikalp Sangam is an ongoing process of bringing together practitioners, thinkers, researchers, and others working on alternatives to currently dominant forms of economic development and political governance. It aims to create a space to come together, dream and deliberate towards an alternative future. While resistance efforts are underway, and need to be supported, we also need to create a cross sectoral platform on alternatives (or constructive work) to share, learn, build hope, and collaboration.

Western Himalaya Mini-Vikalp Sangam (2016)

The very first gathering of organisations and individuals from the Western Himalayan region came together in August 2016.

The Sangam was organized by Sambhaavnaa, Jagori, Deer Park, and Kalpavriksh and hosted 25 participants from 10 organisations across the region.

Read the report here.

Western Himalaya Vikalp Sangam (2018)

The second gathering of organisations and individuals from the Western Himalayan region came together in November 2018.

The second in the series of the Western Himalayan Sangams, this Sangam was co-hosted by Jagori Rural, People’s Science Institute, Snow Leopard Conservancy-India Trust, Ladakh Arts and Media Organisation (LAMO), Sambhaavnaa, MOOL Sustainability & Research Centre, Titli Trust, Maati Collective, SADED, School for Rural Development and Environment, and Kalpavriksh.

The Sangam brought together a gathering of activitists, researchers and practitioners who have been working on rural livelihoods, waste management, conservation of wildlife, community-based tourism, local power generation,  organic/biodiverse farming, education/awareness, resistance, pastoralist livelihoods, and arts/media.

Read the report here.


Aims of the Western Himalayan Vikalp Sangam

– Bringing together people working on or interested in alternatives, ideologically and in practice in the states of Himachal Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir and Uttarakhand

– Advocating for meaningful alternatives with a vision through positive analysis and criticism
– Evolving an inclusive and intersectional perspective through cross learning
– Sharing of experiences and helping in alliances of people/organizations working on similar issues
– Building a collective alternative vision for our communities and societies in years to come